Savannah kittens

Welcome to Elegant Exotics Savannah kitten website! We are a TICA registered cattery in Northern Illinois. We sell Savannah kittens 4 and 5 generations away from an African Serval. 100% of our kittens are SBT Savannah kittens. SBT means StudBook Traditional, the true Savannah cat... all parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are all Savannahs. Please contact Mark and Darlene by email at or by phone at 847-922-1016 (6PM - 10PM CST, Weekends anytime!)
We are proud to announce we have produced 4 Champion cats, Elegant Exotics Robin, Neo, Hobbs, and Lucian. Robin won a TICA regional award in 2013, 3rd place for Alter Savannah of the Year.
Elegant Exotics Hobbs is our first Grand Champion and won Great Lakes regional award, Second Savannah of the year 2014.

Last updated: March 22,2015

We ship within the USA, weather permitting, and schedule visits by appointment only.

F4 SBT Male 1 Savannah Kitten born 12/19/2014. $2000

F4 SBT Male 2 Savannah Kitten born 12/19/2014. SOLD

F4 SBT Female 1 Savannah Kitten born 12/19/2014. $1500

F5 SBT Female 1 and 2 Savannah Kittens born 2/20/2015. $1500 and $3000

Male Breeders

F4 SBT Savannah Proven Male, Savannah breeder born July 6 2010

Mr B and Soto, Male 2

Our Savannah King

LotzofSpotz Mr B of Elegant Exotics
Mr B

Our Queens

Queen #1, Select Exotics Soto of Elegant Exotics

Soto, born February 17, 2009, is a Golden F3C from Select Exotics. She has their Flagship Serval, Keystone, in her pedigree. Her first litter born 7/6/2010. Here's a kitten picture of Soto (Below)

Soto Soto June 19, 2010 (Below)
Mr B and Figis kitten F6C0P

Our Savannah Queen, Leia, born December 3, 2009 out of Figi and Mr B

Mr B and Figi's 2nd kitten F6C0P

Our Savannah Queen, Nala, born August 24, 2009 out of Figi and Mr B
Mr B and Figi's 1st kitten F6C0P

Our Serval Pet - DNR approved!



*there have been a lot of people trying to sell kittens that do not belong to them. The best way to avoid from being scammed is to talk to the person selling the kitten. Using Paypal is also a good way to protect yourself if you can not see the kittens in person.